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Phenolic Resin Applied in Abrasives Tools General Resin Sections, Grinding Resin Section, and PowderResin WL-1103、WL-1105、WL-1105A、WL-1106、
Resin for Heavy Load Grinding Wheel, Finishing Wheel WL-1308、WL-1309、WL-1408
Resin for Superhard Grinding Wheel WL-1500、WL-1501、WL-1505、WL-1508
Liquid Resin for Bonded Abrasives WL-1605、WL-1607、WL-1603、WL-1608
Resin for Fiberglass Mesh Used in Grinding Wheel WL-1616、WL-1617、WL-1708、WL-1709
Resin for Fabric Base WL-1804、WL-1806、WL-1808
Resin for Adhesive Coating Used in Abrasive Cloth or Paper WL-1822、WL-1826、WL-1832、WL-1833、
Resin for Adhesive Bonded Fabric WL-1829、WL-1839
Alkylphenol Formaldehyde Resin Brominated Octyl-phenolic Curing Resin WL-2201
Octyl-phenolic Trackifying Resin WL-2203
Phenolic Resin for Coating Sand Casting Resin for Coated Sand WL-3102、WL-3150
Resin for Oil Fracturing Proppant WL-3901
Phenolic Resin applied in Stone Wool and FRP Resin for Rock Wool and Fiber Glass WL-4004、WL-4005
Glass Fiber Reinforced Resins WL-4508、WL-4510、WL-4501
The Car Felt WL-4410
Phenolic Resin for Friction Material Straight Phenolic Resin WL-5002、WL-5004、WL-5005、WL-5006、
Modified Phenolic Resin WL-5203、WL-5203A、WL-5205、WL-5207、
Liquid Resin WL-5801
Phenolic Resin for Foam Insulation Board Resin for XPS WL-6006
Resin for EPS WL-6012、WL-6033、WL-6020、Wl-6021
Phenolic Resins for Refractory Industry Novolac Powder Phenolic Resin WL-7102、WL-7105
Resole Liquid Phenolic Resin WL-7318、WL-7312、WL-7323、WL-7325
Green Resole Phenolic Resin WL-7525、WL-7526
Resin for Isostatic Pressing Products WL-7308、WL-7408、WL-7708
Novolac Liquid Phenolic Resin WL-7605 、WL-7615
Moisturefree/Anhydrous Resin WL-7708
Resin for Photoresist and Electrical Industry Resin for Photoresist WL-8012、WL-8014、WL-8016
Phenolic Bakelite Powder WL-8202、WL-8204、WL-8206、WL-8208
Resin for Insulating Materials WL-8400、WL-8401、WL-8410、WL-8411
Resin for Copper Clad Laminates WL-8500、WL-8600

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