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 Antioxidants SP

Chemical NameStyrenated phenol
Molecular FormulaC10H10O
Molecular Structure
Molecular Weight146.1858
CAS NO.61788-44-1

Item Powder
Appearance Light yellow to amber viscous liquid
Refractive index ( 25℃) 1.59~1.60
Viscosity (25 ℃) Pa. S 3.0~5.0
Relative density 1.07~1.09
Transmittance % 60~70
Ash %, ≤ 0. 5

Properties Pale yellow to amber transparent viscous liquid, has a special odor. Boiling point higher than 250 ℃, flash point (open cup method) 182 ℃, soluble in ethanol, acetone, fat hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon, trichloroethane and ethers ect. organic solvents, hardly soluble in gasoline, insoluble in water.

Applications:Antioxidant stabilizer SP can be used as natural rubber, all kinds of synthetic rubber and latex products of white, light and bright color are not polluting antiager, for heat, pressure, light, aging has a good protective effect, SP is easy dispersion, good liquidity, do not change color, do not spray frost, do not affect aging in rubber marterial, can be used in the latex after emulsif ication. can prevent heat oxidation and scratched cracked aging, dosage of 0.  5 ~ 3.0%, also can be used as antioxidant of spolyolefin, polyformaldehyde , ccan be used as stabilizer of butyl benzene, isoamyl, ethylene propylene ect.  synthetic rubber,  also can be used as chemical synthesis intermediates.

PackageGalvanized steel barrel, 200 kg/barrel.

StorageShould be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, and it is strictly prohibited to fireworks, storage period of validity is one year, overdue after the inspection, still can use.  


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