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Chemical NameN-Phenyl benzamide
Molecular FormulaC13H11NO
Molecular Structure
Molecular Weight197.24


Item  Powder
Appearance  Colorless or white crystals
Initial Melting Point≥  163℃
Loss on Drying≤  0.3%
Ash≤  0.3%

PropertiesColorless or white crystals, melting point is not lower than 163 ° C, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in ether, soluble in ethanol, acetic  acid, soluble in hot ethanol, benzene.

ApplicationsThe preparation of pesticide:such as pesticides, plant growth regulator ect. raw materials; Spices and pharmaceutical intermediates.

PackageKraft paper bags or paper barrel. 25 kg/bag (barrel).

StorageShould be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated place, packaged products should avoid direct sunlight.

Notes:providing different purity products according to customer requirements; The product packaging can be adjusted according to customer's requirements.



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