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 Phenolic Resins for Refractory Industry

product name:Resole Liquid Phenolic Resin


Type Appearance Viscosity
Moisture  (%) Solid Content(%) Free Phenol (%) PH Value Usage
WL-7318 brown liquid 25000-35000 ≤3.5 ≥78 11-15 7.5-8.5 siliceous refractory brick
WL-7323 brown or red brown liquid 16000-19000 2.0-3.0 78-83 9.5-12.0 6.8-7.5 general resole liquid phenolic resin
WL-7325 brown or red brown liquid 12000-15000 ≤4 ≥75 9.5-13.0 6.8-7.5 general resole liquid phenolic resin

Package and Storage:
Packed in 200/250kgs steel drum or 25kgs plastic drum. As resole phenolic resin, it will keep reacting under ambient temperature, so the index would change along with storage time, especially the increase of molecular weight and viscosity. It would be better to purchase when need. Avoid heat and sunlight in the course of transit. Recommended to storage under low temperature. Shelf life is 1 month, and 2-3 months in winter.


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